Create and grow their designed for conversion brand

Everything you need to confidently market and grow your business and brand, easily, professionally, and skillfully. 

Not simply beautiful designs, but more importantly – beautifully designed for conversion.

the reality is that

Branding and marketing are essential to the growth of our business

Our websites, social media channels, our offers of products and services, our content, should be branded and designed with this goal in mind:

Convert visitors and followers into devoted and eager clients. Encourage your audience to take the designed action, to purchase your solution that will solve their problem.

It's that simple and should be easy too.

You don't need to hire a designer

You can (and really, should) design and create your own high-converting, polished, and professional brand

Am I right?

Here is the thing

You'll get everything you need right here.
I got you.

Are you ready?

A life-changing transformation awaits you, your brand, and your business

Created exclusively and expertly to empower, support, and provide you with the resources you need to design and position your own conversion-led unique brand.

All the tools, knowledge, processes, and templates working together smoothly and efficiently, designed to help you confidently create and transform your brand into a profitable, self-scaling, next-level business.
So many of my students and clients became their own designers and are thriving in their lives and business.

You can do it too.

The DesignClass Course

Are you stuck staring at a blank screen trying to design your website? Or maybe you’re tired of feeling like your designs aren’t “quite” up to par?

What if you could gain confidence and learn the principles and methods used by professional web designers so you had the skillset to create the websites you (and your clients) LOVE?

My DesignClass course was created with YOU in mind! Not only will you learn the exact methodologies I use, but I’m also sharing the tools and resources that I use every day in my own business!

…and so much more… I’ve held nothing back!

Comprehensive, no fluff, step-by-step instructions to creating professionally branded designs!

BONUS: You get lifetime access! I update the course curriculum regularly, and you’ll never pay another penny. All the courses are self-paced so you can begin today and progress around your schedule.


Building a business is hard work, especially when you are trying to do it all on your own.

With only so many hours in the day, you need to be focusing on your genius, your business, your craft. The challenge with that is you also need to be marketing your business.

That’s where BrandTemplates come in!

The BrandTemplates are premium Canva templates designed to covert and give you a polished, professional head start for promoting & growing your brand. Make an impression that gets clients excited and ready to hire you!

Hi, I’m Mor, a designer, creator, entrepreneur, lover of fizzy water, innovations and disruptions.

Having over 2 decades of experience as a an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a branding & web designer, a coach, and a course creator myself, I understand where you are coming from. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you, I know your struggles and I have the experience and expertise to help you.

Today more than ever, it is essential for you to create a solid, professional, and polished brand so you can attract the right audience, convert more leads, and book your dream clients. My products are designed to increase your visibility and profitability while being easy to use and affordable.

When I’m not designing new templates or creating new courses, you can usually find me on a hike around the lake, watching a historical drama on Netflix, spending time with my boys, or running my Facbook group Learn Design and Branding For Your Business (please join us!)

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