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BrandFrames #008: Page Not Found?

Does this sound familiar? You come across an interesting link on a website. A fantastic blog post title, or an intriguing resource. You click on the link. 404. Page not found. WHAT? Ugh. A 404 error tells visitors the page cannot be accessed or the content is missing. An

BrandFrames #007: Can I Show You The Money?

Results-driven branding. This is where the money is. Design your brand with your target audience, past, current and future clients, business goals, messaging, and values – and you’ll succeed in attracting the right people who will gladly pay for your product or services. The money isn’t in the pretty

BrandFrames #006: How I Became a Color Terrorist

True story. When I was working on creating my DesignClass Course I used a transcribing app to convert all my voice content into text for inclusion and accessibility. So, every time I mentioned the term ‘Color Theory’ The app decided to convert it to ‘Color Terrorist’ (possibly due to

BrandFrames #005: You’re Not Just a Pretty Face

Of course you have a pretty face! I mean, have you looked in the mirror lately? 🧡 But much like you, your brand isn’t about the pretty colors or custom font pairings. For your brand to be successful, You must construct a a strong and consistent message by creating

BrandFrames #004: The Business of Being Social

Determining the mood you want to express on social media is a crucial step in establishing your visual identity. Your brand’s overall mood should be reflected on social media, but you may want to change it depending on the channel you’re using and the type of content users there

BrandFrames #003: Typography or not to be?

Typography is a significant part of any design project, but it may be something we often overlook. It’s important to know that typography is not just a detail of your design, it can impact how readers read and comprehend your content. Different fonts have different reading attributes: For example,

BrandFrames #002: The Value of Values

Here we are – the 2nd issue of the BrandFrames newsletter! The term BRANDING – personal or business (and is there a real distinction between the two? that’s a topic for a later day) is hot (what am I saying?!? it’s on 🔥) but before we can truly start

BrandFrames #001: Let Those Pixels Breath

Welcome to the first issue of the BrandFrames newsletter! To say that I’m excited will be the understatement of the century. I’m a lot more designer than writer, but there is so much that I want to share with you, that that I decided to take a leap and
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