BrandFrames #003: Typography or not to be?

Typography is a significant part of any design project, but it may be something we often overlook.

It’s important to know that typography is not just a detail of your design, it can impact how readers read and comprehend your content. Different fonts have different reading attributes: For example, some fonts are more readable than others for longer texts because they create a better contrast between letters.
It’s important that you choose typography wisely based on your objectives and goals. It is necessary if you want your content or design message to be received clearly!
There is no “one size fits all” solution, so please don’t settle for any specific fonts and create all your brand elements (such as websites or social media graphics) for every project using fonts that are “safe” – make sure that the font or fonts you pick “speak the language” and messaging of the brand you are designing for.
You’ll know you found the right font or font combination because it will establish the tone of your content, and grab the attention of your prospective clients.

Choosing the right type of typography for your project or brand is one of the most important elements of a branded website or any other visual touchpoint, and it needs as much attention and care as the design itself.

Some of my current favorite font pairs:

Ubuntu + Barlow

Telex + Oxygen

Bodoni Moda + Montserra

If you want to learn all about typography, how it affects conversions, and how to select and pair the perfect fonts for your brand, check out my DesignClass Course (make sure you read all the amazing reviews and testimonials! 😍)

Fonts are your friends. Embrace them.

Take them for a walk on the beach to watch the sunset, and live happily ever after.

The Business of Design 💼

Speaking of romance, the customer relationship is about connection, much like a romantic relationship.

Here are the best 8 ways to foster that connection.

Tools of the Trade 🧰

Whimsical is my a secret weapon against overwhelm and a cluttered brain. I use it to map out my own projects, workflows, processes, and ideas for new products (hint – some new stuff is coming…)

A unified suite of collaboration tools. Great for product specs, wikis, brainstorming, ideation, user flows, architecture diagrams and more.

Bookishly Smart 📚

The book outlines for anyone interesting in branding the appropriate tools to assess how consumers feel and think about brands and what they say and do with brands.

THE BRAND RELATIONSHIP PLAYBOOK: Understand, measure, and manage brand relationships to develop brand love, increase brand loyalty, expand brand’s lifetime value and increasing overall profitability.

Secret Sauce 🍜

Although I’ve been a devoted and avid user of Adobe CC for more years than I care to admit… I love Canva for its flexibility, affordability, user-friendliness, and all-around goodness (watch this space for new Canva surprises…)

5 tips from Canva designers on creating better looking designs

It’s All Fun and Games 🎲

Since we are all about typog, here is a fun kerning game for your entertainment.

Why work when you can play, right?

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