BrandFrames #006: How I Became a Color Terrorist

True story.

When I was working on creating my DesignClass Course I used a transcribing app to convert all my voice content into text for inclusion and accessibility.

So, every time I mentioned the term ‘Color Theory’ The app decided to convert it to ‘Color Terrorist’ (possibly due to my accent 😇 ) and was pretty consistent, too.

The truth is that I am, in fact, quite vocal and verbose about curating the right color palettes for brands to be used in websites, social media channels, and other graphic elements.

You see, my beef is with automatic colors generators.

Although these color palette generators can produce visually pleasing color combinations, and they often include colors trendy, the palettes are lacking any context or connections to the specific brand we are working on.

Pallets generated don’t take into consideration the user experience and conversion at all.

So all you get is a palette of four, five or six colors, that you have no idea how or where to use.

You have no way of knowing if these colors would work or wouldn’t work for your brand, and which of the colors to use for the various elements of your designs.

To learn a detailed process for generating the perfect color palette centered around your audience and your brand, enroll in my DesignClass Course. You’ll learn how to define and pick colors to enhance brand awareness. Read the great reviews and testimonials of entrepreneurs and business owners just like you, and join us.

The perfect color palette should not only be pleasing to the eye.

More importantly, it should set a solid foundation for brand recognition and conversion.

You need a good solid process and reliable tools in order to create a meaningful, impactful, and converting color palette.

Colors must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel. ~ Hans Hofmann

The Business of Design 💼

The animation studio’s artists are masters at tweaking light and color to trigger deep emotional responses. Coming soon: effects you’ll only see inside your head.

How Pixar Uses Hyper-Colors to Hack Your Brain

Tools of the Trade 🧰

One of my most used Chrome extensions – mouse over your screen to easily identify and sample the Hex color code of any UI element.

ColorPick Eyedropper

Bookishly Smart 📚

Today I have 2 books recommendations, because I feel so strongly about the topic.

The unforgettable, unknown history of colors and the vivid stories behind them, by Kassia St Clair

​The Secret Lives of Color​

A lively account of our age-old quest for brighter colors, which changed the way we see the world, by Adam Rogers

​Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern

It’s All Fun and Games 🎲

Goodbye workday, hello fun!

​Try to guess the KOLOR as fast as possible!

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