BrandFrames #010: Show Off, It’s Okay

Showing off your design work and showing up to present it, are mandatory, if you want to grow your business. It is the biggest make-or-break factor when it comes to attracting the right audience.

A great portfolio in website will help you stand out, will put your business in front of the right audience, showcase your work, and invite prospective clients to contact you in order to hire you for their projects.

It only takes a few seconds for potential clients to scan your portfolio, so make these seconds count. Stop visitors in their tracks and impress them by showing up your best work.

To help you do just that, I have created a set of Canva device mockups, free for you to download, brand with your images, colors and typography, then download and use to captivate prospective clients with your work. I created these templates exclusively for you, so please don’t share them.

What should you say about each project in your portfolio?

  • A brief summary of the creative brief
  • Who were the key decision-makers regarding the project
  • Your role on the project
  • A short description of the concept
  • The roadmap of presentation and approvals
  • The outcome
  • Include screenshots and mockups

The brain doesn’t pay attention to boring things. ~ John Medina

The Business of Design 💼

An online portfolio is essential for job seekers in creative fields. There is a ton of portfolio websites that let you upload your work in a user-friendly way. You can also generate a unique URL to share in your job application, resume, or LinkedIn profile.

​Best Portfolio Websites to Showcase Your Work Online

Tools of the Trade 🧰

oday I want to show you 2 fantastic tools that I use every single day in my business and recommend to all my clients.

The first one is ThriveCart which is a software that helps you to promote, sell, and take payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions and services to your clients. You get powerful realtime metrics and forecasting to increase revenue and reduce refunds. You can boost your sales with high-converting carts and upsells. You can easily add profit boosting bump offers, and create one-click upsell funnels designed to convert visitors into paying clients.

The 2nd one is ConvertBox which is a great software designed to help you launch personalised offers, lead capture forms and segmentation funnels to the right visitors at the right time with the easiest most powerful on-site engagement platform.

ConvertBox was just acquired by ThriveCart (full disclosure, I danced around the kitchen when they announces it 💃)

I secretly refer to these 2 tools as “grownups tools, for grownups businesses” because although they are not cheap, they have proven to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Both these tools are beyond powerful on their own, but together they provide the ultimate way of creating and setting irresistible offers in your business. At the moment you can get each as a lifetime deal, but I’m not sure how long these deals will be available.

Bookishly Smart 📚

Creative thinkers are all around us, from creating a cupcake store to founding the world’s largest marketplace. Business is more than profit, and entrepreneurship is art.

What do you think of when you hear the words business and entrepreneurship? Does creativity come to mind? Too often, we look at business as a rigid, by-the-books field instead of free-flowing and artistic. But creativity plays a bigger part in business and entrepreneurship than you might have thought.

​Creative @ Work: The art in entrepreneurship

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