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Branded websites designed for conversion: the research phase

Welcome to the “Branded Websites Designed For Conversion” series! Throughout this series, I am breaking down the entire process of creating branded websites specifically designed to increase conversions. – To start things off, I’ll dive straight into the most crucial aspect of any web design project: the research phase.

BrandFrames #013: Are you talkin’ to me?

When you create your website, blog, social media graphics, lead magnets, assets – do you know who you are talking to? Thinking about and creating a User Persona is a great way to ensure that everything you’ll be creating will attract your ideal clients. When you know who you

BrandFrames #009: Brief Me Up, Scotty

Creating a project without a design brief is like drawing a picture in the dark. What is a design brief, and why do we even need it? Essentially a deign brief is a project management tool. It is a document that connects the client’s needs with the designer’s vision.

BrandFrames #007: Can I Show You The Money?

Results-driven branding. This is where the money is. Design your brand with your target audience, past, current and future clients, business goals, messaging, and values – and you’ll succeed in attracting the right people who will gladly pay for your product or services. The money isn’t in the pretty

BrandFrames #006: How I Became a Color Terrorist

True story. When I was working on creating my DesignClass Course I used a transcribing app to convert all my voice content into text for inclusion and accessibility. So, every time I mentioned the term ‘Color Theory’ The app decided to convert it to ‘Color Terrorist’ (possibly due to

BrandFrames #004: The Business of Being Social

Determining the mood you want to express on social media is a crucial step in establishing your visual identity. Your brand’s overall mood should be reflected on social media, but you may want to change it depending on the channel you’re using and the type of content users there

BrandFrames #001: Let Those Pixels Breath

Welcome to the first issue of the BrandFrames newsletter! To say that I’m excited will be the understatement of the century. I’m a lot more designer than writer, but there is so much that I want to share with you, that that I decided to take a leap and

“Design is for designers” and other untruths

Today, I’d like to talk about a few of the most outrageous untruths about design.   “I’m a developer/marketer, I don’t need to know how to design. if the site functions as it should, that is good enough.” Well, not true. If your website isn’t able to deliver the
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