Branded websites designed for conversion: the research phase

Welcome to the “Branded Websites Designed For Conversion” series! Throughout this series, I am breaking down the entire process of creating branded websites specifically designed to increase conversions. – To start things off, I’ll dive straight into the most crucial aspect of any web design project: the research phase.

How to design balanced web layouts

Do you ever wonder why some websites seem a bit off and make you just want to close your browser and move on? Almost always, the layouts of these sites are off-balance. The great thing about balance is that it keeps designs from becoming an unattractive, confusing mess that

BrandFrames #003: Typography or not to be?

Typography is a significant part of any design project, but it may be something we often overlook. It’s important to know that typography is not just a detail of your design, it can impact how readers read and comprehend your content. Different fonts have different reading attributes: For example,

“Design is for designers” and other untruths

Today, I’d like to talk about a few of the most outrageous untruths about design.   “I’m a developer/marketer, I don’t need to know how to design. if the site functions as it should, that is good enough.” Well, not true. If your website isn’t able to deliver the
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