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How to design balanced web layouts

Do you ever wonder why some websites seem a bit off and make you just want to close your browser and move on? Almost always, the layouts of these sites are off-balance. The great thing about balance is that it keeps designs from becoming an unattractive, confusing mess that

BrandFrames #015: Yes, You Absolutely can!

Like any other craft, design has rules and principles to follow. Learning and practicing the elements of good and effective design can absolutely be learned. So you can create your own website, social media graphics, and any other branded element. Good rules and practices for great visual design can

BrandFrames #014: A Raster and A Vector Walk Into A Bar

Raster and vectors are popular terms in graphic and web designing. But what are these? Raster images are made up of multiple pixels, whereas vector images are paths made using mathematical calculations. Raster graphics, also called bitmap graphics, a type of digital image that uses tiny rectangular pixels, or

BrandFrames #012: Button Down The Style

As I promised last week, today I want to talk about the importance of color contrast with regards to buttons design. Buttons are used for the purpose of introducing CTAs – Call-To-Action – placed strategically to entice our visitors to, well, take action. Depending on the website’s objectives, CTAs

BrandFrames #011: Ghosting Will Hurt Your Bottom (Line)

I’m resending this because it looks like you’ve missed it. I’m referring to Ghost Buttons. Those buttons with a thin colored border and transparent background, and because there is no background color they take on whatever fill is in the background. Ghost buttons became quite “on trend” in the

BrandFrames #010: Show Off, It’s Okay

Showing off your design work and showing up to present it, are mandatory, if you want to grow your business. It is the biggest make-or-break factor when it comes to attracting the right audience. A great portfolio in website will help you stand out, will put your business in

BrandFrames #008: Page Not Found?

Does this sound familiar? You come across an interesting link on a website. A fantastic blog post title, or an intriguing resource. You click on the link. 404. Page not found. WHAT? Ugh. A 404 error tells visitors the page cannot be accessed or the content is missing. An

Money is not a dirty word

Ping. You’ve got mail. It’s a prospective client. They found you online, or were referred by a former client of yours, or discovered you in some other weird and wonderful way. And – awesome news – they need a shiny new website. With eCommerce. And a membership. And directories.
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