“Design is for designers” and other untruths

Today, I’d like to talk about a few of the most outrageous untruths about design.


“I’m a developer/marketer, I don’t need to know how to design. if the site functions as it should, that is good enough.”

Well, not true. If your website isn’t able to deliver the right user experience alongside functionality, you are missing out on attracting and converting the right audience.

Appearance and design are often related to credibility and people quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone before functionality is ever put to the test.

Design is connected to emotions, while usability is technical. If you miss the opportunity of connecting to the visitor’s emotions, they won’t stay long enough to use any of the site’s functions.

You have to combine design and functionality so that users get a rich experience of navigating and using your website.

Truth – Not every project has a budget for a professional designer. But you can give yourself a competitive edge. Learn design skills to your development/marketing excellence with the DesignClass course, and watch your revenue soar.


“I’ll just copy a design I found on some other site”

Not True. Let’s get this out of the way first. It is illegal to copy a design of a website although you can definitely use other designs as references. It’s perfectly fine and even recommended, to look at a competitor’s site to find out what makes it amazing or not so amazing, but the websites that you create should center around the specific brand you are working with.

So copying another design and trying to twist it into fitting the brand you are creating a site for, is a sure-fire way to miss out on attracting the right customer that is looking for your special kind of service or product.

Truth – No two brands are exactly the same and attracting the right visitors to your specific brand and converting them into actual customers is all about tailoring the site to the specific vibe of the brand.

Just think – how amazing would it feel, if you could trust your own design skills that you’ve learned, to create your own websites that will be centered around the specific brands, and will attract the right visitors?


“Design is magic, and you need to be born with special talents to become a good designer.”

This is so untrue. Unless you are planning on being featured on Awwwards, mastering the essential and important principals of good design, is totally possible even if you think that you are talentless.

Good design is essentially a combination of processes and techniques, working together to form an amazing experience for the website’s visitors while enhancing the brand’s awareness and recognition.

Truth – Learning the proper methodology, tools, and processes in order to design a website that is centered around the user is so much easier than you think!

I used to do a lot of white label design work for agencies and developers, and I kept hearing from people how frustrated and how clueless they felt when they really didn’t have any idea how to start designing a new website. They would be excited to book a new project, they would sit at their computer, install WordPress or page builder and just sit there and look at the screen, not knowing where to start. How do you know what design would fit this specific project? How to find and pair the right fonts? How to decide on the right color palette? What is the right way to lay out elements and pages?

And that is precisely why I created the DesignClass course. It’s a straightforward, seriously in-depth, tested and proven systemized process, for building beautifully branded websites.

  • You’ll learn the principles and guidelines of designing to fulfill exact brand requirements.
  • You’ll learn practical and detail step-by-step methods to styling and formatting typography, for enhanced user experience and increased retention.
  • You’ll learn how to define and pick colors to enhance brand awareness.
  • You’ll learn methods and techniques that will enable you to make precise design decisions.
  • You’ll learn detailed and practical steps to creating consistency and cohesive design, so your websites are looking premium and polished.

It’s time to level-up your skills. Master the art of building beautifully branded sites. Enroll now and I’ll see you at the private Facebook group!

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