Marketing funnels 2.0 – the help our followers need

Marketing funnels have a very bad reputation, for being sleazy and manipulative, often being cookie-cutter and a tool to “get-rich-fast-so-you-can-have-the-fancy-probably-red-sport-car” (pardon me for a moment while I roll my eyes).

Look, let’s not be cute about it.

Marketing funnels were originally developed to generate sales.

I didn’t invent them, nor did the smooth-talking mass marketers of the world.

But what if we shift our mindset from using funnels as cringe-worthy sale tactics to viewing them as a tool to give people the exact help they need in their particular journey?


Enter, Marketing Funnels 2.0

The new, healthy, clean, and honest marketing funnels that help us deliver the specific product or services to the people who need them the most.

You see, reputable marketing funnels turn total strangers into loyal customers by educating, differentiating, and serving each of them the exact product and service they need.

A well-structured marketing funnel not only helps you attract your audience but also facilitates the creation of deep connections by learning more about their journey and the current needs and offering solutions.

Authentic, reputable marketing funnels are not a factory-looking machine, designed to mix everyone together to form a marketing target (that is just, yuck).

Instead, they are about delivering the best content to each and every one of the people who come to us looking for help, when and where they need it the most, so we can make an impact on their world and business.

Marketing funnels are a tool that connects us as service providers or product sellers to our followers and prospective customers. Not by pushing for a hard sell at all cost (that is just a big fat NO from me), but from our quest to better understand the challenges and obstacles that we can help solve with our specific experience and expertise.

Then, we can nurture and support our audience by providing the content and eventually solutions to their struggles.

Simple, helpful, authentically serving, non-exploitive process that creates a lasting bond between us and our followers.



Stay tuned for more of this discussion. I believe that a change in our perspective is in order.

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